Miriam Snellgrove: Reflexivity

I am coming to the end of the third year of my PhD in Sociology (and I am still not finished – ahhhh!), exploring … well all sorts of things but mostly identity. Social identity. Lots of chapters are the obligatory academic spectral wank, sorry ‘intellectual deconstructions of socially conditioned norms’, but one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of my research was being a ‘good’ reflexive researcher. Dealing with the many different roles applied to me by the University, research participants, family and friends etc made for a somewhat ‘fractured’ existence. This has led to some tortured musings on my part about situated knowledge and the ‘gap’ between self and society. Or in normal language, ‘is it possible to know anything?’

I have come to the humble conclusion that it is indeed possible to negotiate all the many, often competing roles in our lives and still comment, critically and interestingly on social life. Exploring this and other issues around reflexivity is something that I am really looking forward to at the conference.  

Date, Time and Location: Saturday, September 3rd – 14.15-15:45 – Space One


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