Feminist Webs: Making Feminist Futures

Workshop Hosts: Feminist Webs

Ali Hanbury is the service manager of Brook Manchester and is currently studying for a Masters of Research looking into female sexual pleasure.

Niamh Moore is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change at the University of Manchester and is involved with Feminist Webs because it is fun, magical, inspirational and makes the world a better place.

Niamh and Ali are enthusiastic volunteer Feminist Webbers!

Workshop Description:

Feminist Webs – The Archive, The Tour, The Zine: Making Feminist Futures through Participatory Intergenerational Feminist Herstories

Feminist Webs is a vibrant, entangled intergenerational network of young women and young(er) and old(er) youth work practitioners, academics, artists and activists based in the North West of England. Feminist Webs emerges out of a youth work context and survives, and thrives, in the overlapping sites of – and spaces between – youth work, academia, activism and community settings. Feminist Webs is an intriguing success in a time of supposed generational conflicts. The youth work context then is not accidental; feminist youth work has always – by definition – been intergenerational, confounding assumptions about strife between young women and older feminists.

Over the past five years Feminist Webs has engaged in a diverse range of projects, growing and changing all the time. Feminist Webs is shaped by what women say they want Feminist Webs to be; by the passions, skills and energies of the women who are drawn into the web; by what we learn along the way; by the possibilities of shifting funding agendas; and not least by the ongoing need to imagine and make a different world. Our presentation will focus on offering an engaging insight into our participatory oral herstories work, bringing the Feminist Webs archive on tour, and using the archive and the tour to make a zine, as well as other media projects, including our “Post Feminist” postcards project.

With strong roots in informal and community education disciplines, we will describe our fresh and dynamic approach to an engaged feminist practice through our commitment to participatory work with women of all ages. Join us for an account of women of all ages making and remaking feminist futures in the here and now through the practice of making feminist herstories together – in a creative presentation that hopes to inspire and transform your approach to feminist research.

Date, Time and Location: Friday, September 2nd – 13:45-15:15 – Space Two


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