Anoop Nayak: Ethnography, Ethics and Emotion

Anoop Nayak is Chair in Social and Cultural Geography at Newcastle University, UK.

His research interests are in:

  • Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Youth Culture and Social Class
  • Gender, Masculinities and Social Change

Anoop is author of the critically-acclaimed ethnography Race, Place and Globalization:  Youth Cultures in a Changing World (2003 Oxford: Berg) exploring the interplay of whiteness and class in post-industrial regions.  He is co-author with Mary Jane Kehily of the monograph Gender, Youth and Culture:  Young Masculinities and Femininities (2008 Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan), and has recently published a social theory book on spatial relations of power with Alex Jeffrey entitled GeographicalThought (Pearson, 2011).  Anoop’s current work explores the emotional geographies of race, religion and asylum with regard to new migrations and contemporary forms of transnationalism.

Workshop Details:

Ethnography, Ethics and Emotion

This workshop is focused upon the practice of ethnography.  It outlines what ethnography is and how we might go about delivering rigorous ethnographic accounts of social life.  Drawing on postcolonial and feminist methodologies the workshop raises questions about power, positionality, ethics and emotions.  In particular it asks how might we write about emotions, sensations and affective experiences?  Case study accounts and personal examples are used to illuminate the potential and pitfalls of doing ethnography.  Participants are encouraged to share their experiences of ethnography, discuss plans they may have for conducting ethnographic work, and raise questions throughout about contemporary feminist ethnographic practice.

Date, Time and Location: Friday, September 2nd – 15:45-17:15 – Space One


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