Alison Koslowski: Feminism and Quantitative Methods

Dr. Alison Koslowski is a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh within the School of Social and Political Science.

Her career to date has had a strong focus on analysing cross-national survey data in order to address questions about the mechanisms underpinning various forms of social stratification, including those related to gendered parenting roles. She has two main areas of research interests. The first is comparative welfare state research with respect to labour markets and family life. This covers policy areas such as parental leave, but also non-employment benefits. The second is an interest in the social stratification associated with welfare markets and personal income protection and she is co-investigator on her most recent UK Economic and Social Research Council funded research project on this topic. She is programme director of the MSc in Social Research and enjoys teaching on survey analysis and on social inequality. Previous employers and places of study include the Institute of Education, University of London; University of Oxford; European University Institute, Florence; and the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Essex.

Workshop Description

This workshop is a small introduction to feminist researchers and their use of quantitative methods. It outlines what quantitative research is and how it might be used as potent part of the feminist tool kit; research as action. The first part of the workshop will consider a few key authors. Moving on, participants are encouraged to share their experiences or to explore their position regarding quantitative research. We shall consider such questions as: There is much (gendered?) fear and loathing around maths; Why? Where do numbers stand in the various hierarchies across social science and how might this affect our relationship to them? Does it make sense to dichotomise our research into “quants” and “qual”?

You might like to take a look at a couple of these authors in advance:

Lynn Prince Cooke
Paula England
Nancy Fraser
Vanessa Gash
Jen Hook
Alison Koslowski (me!)
Fran McGinnity
Jackie O’Reilly
Jane Waldfogel

Date, Time and Location: Saturday, September 3rd – 9:30-11:00 – Space Two


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