We have some very exciting workshops planned for the Symposium!  These include: ethnography, quantitative methods, feminist pedagogy, reflexivity, research into action, gender theory, intersectionality, and inter-generational art and activism.

Workshops are designed to increase our knowledge of specific conceptual or methodological areas of feminist research and practice.  Our hope is that workshops will offer participants the chance to gain new perspectives on their own work and/or test out some new ideas.  We also hope that the workshops will help facilitate the building of new relationships and ways of working between the participants.

Each workshop is an hour and half long.  This should give the group ample time to reflect on the ways in which the workshop theme intersects with their research interests and academic practice.  Registration for workshops will take place on Friday and Saturday morning at the Registration Table.

For more details, please see the workshop descriptions and biographies of workshop hosts.


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