‘Why RFF?’ Hannah’s thoughts

Sometimes I feel like the academic sphere is a dense forest full of strange trees with exotic fruits. Some of the fruits are very familiar to me, as they are available in mainstream grocery stores. Others are less familiar, I might have heard about them, read about them or even tried them. Again others are completely new to me and compare to nothing that I know. The exciting thing about all of those fruits is that, once tried for the first time, you may feel like having some more of them or you even find them exceptionally delicious and decide that they are your new favourite food. You just do not know before you try. I suppose for me, feminism is among the especially wonderful fruits. And among those ones that I cannot get enough from after having tried. Recognising feminist fruit trees gives guidance through all the other trees in the forest. I want to try as many recipes with feminist fruit as possible. I want to over-indulge myself with fruity deliciousness.  I want to prepare feminist fruit dishes and share them with as many people as possible. And together, we can plant more of these fruit trees – one of which we will call Researching Feminist Futures!

One Response to ‘Why RFF?’ Hannah’s thoughts

  1. Hils says:

    this makes me very happy, and full of horticultural feminist love!

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