Thank You – Thank You

We wanted to take some space here to say a very big thank you to the University of Edinburgh Development Trust and its Small Projects Grant.  Supported by donations from University of Edinburgh alumni, the grants are intended to promote innovation in teaching, research and student provision at the University of Edinburgh, especially where relatively small sums can achieve significant effect. Further details can be found through the University of Edinburgh Campaign.

We love the idea that previous students are helping current students to investigate the role we might play in academia and beyond.  The learning/teaching/learning cycle that seems to be so prevalent in our own work and practice appears to exist beyond our own little community as well!  We would so love to meet some of these generous alumni – we would love it if they decided to come along to the event – we would love to be invited to something like this in 20 or 30 years.

For now, all we can say is THANK YOU!  We are deeply appreciative of this gift and hope that our efforts to make good use of the funds are in keeping with the desires of those who made such generous contributions.


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