Researching Feminist Futures is designed to be an exploration of different kinds of ‘feminist’ research.  It has a particular focus on the methods and theories we might use to support our work with the hope that we might refine our approach and perhaps find inspiration in others’ ways of working.  It is open to researchers from any disciplinary background and the panel presentations are a reflection of the diversity of feminist research.

For more information on panel presentations, please see the bios, abstracts and papers of the wonderful presenters from the drop-down menu…

…and check out these details of what we hope the panels will be like!

A Note on Permissions

The RFF Organsing Team are very excited that some of the symposium “panel presenters” have sent us longer papers, sets of questions, video links, examples of their previous work and extracts from other people’s writing. It is our hope that these materials will familiarise symposium-goers with panel presenters’ work in advance, generating in-depth, well informed and constructive discussion during the panels.

In facilitating the circulation of these materials the Organsing Team were keen to leave the specification as to what counts as a ‘paper’ very much open and at the panel presenters’ discretion. We are pleased with the diversity of submissions received and have presented the materials as we received them.

All this work is that of the stated author, please do not cite it or reproduce it in whole or part without seeking the author’s permission. Furthermore, much of this material is preliminary and subject to revision as it is intended to ‘introduce’ the authors’ work and/or stimulate helpful discussion and suggestions.



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