Not long to go…

The conference is drawing near, and the final preparations are being made!
Don’t forget our tentative schedule is still up *here* which gives you an idea of
how the days are going to pan out – and the finalised version with
some last minute tweaks is coming very soon!

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RFF Blog Comments Policy

The Researching Feminist Futures Team is committed to generating and
facilitating discussion and engagement around the issues of feminism,
gender, and research both on and off-line.

Its really important to us to create a safe, community and collaborative atmosphere which is also open to dealing with controversy and meaningful, engaged debate.  We
hope that everyone here is also committed to these goals, and will be
aware of the effects of their words on others.

We will where appropriate not allow comments which are overtly hostile, aggressive
or abusive.  In particular ablest, homophobic, misogynistic,
transphobic, racist or comments discriminatory against other oppressed
and marginalized people will be refused, where necessary without
explanation.   At our discretion and where possible, and safe we will
contact posters to explain why a post has been refused, and encourage
more constructive phrasing where appropriate.

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Our first international RFF meeting…

With everyone traveling over summer RFF planning meetings are becoming a bit more difficult to organise, so our last meeting caused giggle fits in four different countries – the UK, Canada, Germany and Austria!

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Edinburgh, Maps and More!

Hello prospective conference-goers!

We have been updating the site with all kinds of exciting info.  We’ve just posted some new stuff about the workshops.  We’ve also posted info on our wonderful artists in residence.  We’re sure you’ve already seen the details on the panel presenters – but just in case you missed it, there are bios and abstracts for each.  Keep an eye on that space in August as we’ll also have presenters’ contributions for you to download and read in advance the symposium.

There is also information on Edinburgh, including places to stay and how to get around.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions!

Can’t wait to see you!


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Call and Response

Dear Lovely Feminists!

How would you like to play a little game of Q&A with us?  We are starting a list of fun/silly/serious questions for you to answer on the blog in the hopes that we can get a better sense of who you are and offer up some insight into who we are too.

The game starts off today! See our Q&A page to play.

With ridiculous excitement for this September in Edinburgh,

Your friendly RFF Organising Team

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Registration is now open!

Please follow the link to e-pay bellow in order to register for Researching Feminist Futures.

Registration will be open until the 26th of August.

Register and pay online

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Check out our new logo on the flyer – and feel free to circulate!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Download Flyer as PDF!

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