Panel Presentation Information

We’re very excited about the thirteen contributors we have taking part in panel presentations at the symposium. The panel presentations are structured according to four themes: Leaning and Teaching, Questioning Boundaries, Breaking Silences and Reflexive Research and Multiple Axes of Difference.

If like us you can’t wait to hear more about the participants then head to the ‘Presenters’ pages where you can find biographies and abstracts. In addition to this many presenters have provided longer papers, sets of questions, video links and more, in the hope of familiarising symposium-goers with their work in advance in order to generate in-depth discussion during the panels. This work can also be found on our presenter pages.

All of the panel presentations will feature three or four ‘presenters’ each with 15-20 minutes to present or perform a piece of their work. A discussant will introduce the presenters and ensure they keep to time. After all the presentations there will be approximately 30 minutes for discussion, amongst the panel themselves and other symposium participants. The discussant will look to draw out connections between the presentations and be on hand to facilitate discussion.

If you’re presenting we welcome you to prepare other discussion simulants if you wish, such as questions for the ‘audience’ about particular areas of your work on which you would value feedback.

Both our rooms for panel presentations are equipped with a PC and projector system. If you’re presenting and would like to use slides please bring them on a USB ‘memory stick’, there’ll be someone from the organising team on hand to assist with the technicalities of projection.

We hope that the panel presentations will be a space for constructive engagement, discussion and debate in which we can all learn together by asking questions, sharing thoughts and offering ideas, and that all our work will be stronger as a result of such collaboration.

We further wish to organise the panels as openly and non-prescriptively as possible. If you would like to do anything different in your panel, or have any additional requirements please just get in touch at

See you there!

A Note on Permissions

The RFF Organsing Team are very excited that some of the symposium “panel presenters” have sent us longer papers, sets of questions, video links, examples of their previous work and extracts from other people’s writing. It is our hope that these materials will familiarise symposium-goers with panel presenters’ work in advance, generating in-depth, well informed and constructive discussion during the panels.

In facilitating the circulation of these materials the Organsing Team were keen to leave the specification as to what counts as a ‘paper’ very much open and at the panel presenters’ discretion. We are pleased with the diversity of submissions received and have presented the materials as we received them.

All this work is that of the stated author, please do not cite it or reproduce it in whole or part without seeking the author’s permission. Furthermore, much of this material is preliminary and subject to revision as it is intended to ‘introduce’ the authors’ work and/or stimulate helpful discussion and suggestions.



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