Nearby Eateries

Here is a list of restaurants, cafes, diners and pubs all within easy walking distance of the symposium location:


Forest Cafe: Vegetarian & Vegan 10am – 11pm.  [Some Wheel-Chair Access]

Elephant House: Lunchtime & Evening Menus 8am – 11pm. [Wheel-chair Access & Facilities]

Peter’s Yard: Swedish Baking 7am-6pm. [Wheel-chair Access & Facilities]

Library Cafe: University Cafe, Friday 8:30am – 4pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm. [Wheel-chair Access & Facilities]

Kilamanjaro: Soup, Sandwiches, Smoothies 8am – 8pm. [Wheel-chair Access]


Dadga: Real Ales & Malt Whiskies. [Wheel-chair Access, no ‘Disabled Toilet’]

Holyrood Tavern: Lots of Beer & Food Menu. [Wheel-chair Access]


Kalpna:Indian Vegetarian. [Wheel-chair Access]

Henderson’s: Vegetarian Institution. [Wheel-Chair Access to the street-level ‘Bistro’, steps down to the ‘Restaurant’, No ‘Disabled Toilet’]

Mum’s: Bangers and Mash. [Wheel-chair Access, No ‘Disabled Toilet’] 


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