Declaration of Joy!

Access Access Access or a Declaration of Universal Joy

We are deeply committed as a group to making the conference a comfortable, inspiring and inclusive environment for anyone who wants to take part.  So whilst our budget is pretty small we will do everything we can to meet any specific needs you might have.

There are people involved in organising who have or had mobility concerns, cognitive or sensory difficulties,  language issues or caring responsibilites at one time or another so please do feel like you can get in touch and talk to us about what we can do.  Whilst we’ve included some specific things we’ve done or could do below, we’ll need a bit of advance notice to get things in place and we won’t have covered everything possible!


All our venues confirmed so far are accessible to wheel chair users, and have appropriate toilet facilities. We’ll make sure that there are always seats around, and could sort out extra cushions, supports, high backed chair, or chairs with arms if required.  We can also offer advice on accessible accommodation, and help with accessibility maps of Edinburgh.

Cognitive & Sensory

We are trying to have a low paper conference, but realise for some people that isn’t possible so let us know if you want print information. We can also provide information or copies of handouts in large print, or on specific coloured paper. We could probably sort out a laptop loan with assistive technology on it, if that would help.  We’ll send out guidelines to presenters and workshop facilitators on accessible power point presentations.


The conference language is English, and we deeply regret that we don’t have funding for formal interpreter or translation services for spoken or signed languages.  However if you just  need limited language support let us know, and we might be able to find a volunteer facilitator to help with language.  If you lipread we will make sure presenters know, and you have a clear line of sight.


We will try and meet any dietary requirements you have, let us know any specifics (Whether gluten free, halal, vegan, kosher, or specific allergies). There will always be vegetarian options!


We can advise on local places of worship, and there are quiet spaces where you’ll be welcome to pray.

Children & Parenting

We aren’t able to offer formal childcare, but we do want the conference to be open to people with parenting responsibilities.  We can advise on local childcare and babysitters, and the conference will be as kid-friendly as we can make it.  So please let us know if you’d like to bring children!  If so then they’ll be activities to entertain kids, and volunteers with references and police checks- but we won’t be able to take caring responsibility for children during the event.

General Wellbeing

There will also be art spaces at the conference, and quiet spaces around if you need time out for whatever reason. If you have any worries or questions about the conference, or there is anything that might stop you participating fully feel free to drop us an email or call.



One Response to Declaration of Joy!

  1. jecskid8 says:

    I’m really excited about the conference. My partner is travelling with me, and so I’m delighted to see that the Friday night entertainment allows guests; really pleased. Can’t wait to meet a whole bunch of really inspirational women 😀

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