Ruby Capital

Blazin’ trails

Yo! I’m Ruby and I am an artist/rock n’ roller in a band called Capital X. For Capital X, the music and pictures get created together, often with the idea of a character in mind and my artwork for the band is heavily influenced by comic books.

In the Art Space, I will be playing a Capital X song by called ‘Trailblazer’ and projecting Trailblazer-inspired images which have been drawn for the band’s live shows. The underlying theme of Trailblazer is about pioneering, about doing what you want to do and not compromising.

I hope to use the Art Space to create some interactive energy, spark off some collaboration and most importantly, to have some fun.

Therefore, the music/projections will form a backdrop for a station where people are invited to come along and create their own comic book style characters of themselves, as trailblazers making their own choices and going their own way. Visitors to the station can create a character either by photographing themselves or by drawing a picture. They can then pick three “skills” and get a comic book name which along with the picture, I will take and turn into a “Top Trumps” style playing card over the course of the two days.

By the end of the conference, each person who participated will have a printed card. These I will combine together in a conference album for display briefly at the end of the last day before giving the cards out to individuals to take home.

Having used computer software to create the cards, I will upload the softcopies to a website, with links to each card owner’s email address (if provided), as a record of the conference for all to share and use to keep in contact as they blaze their trails into the future!!!

Ruby wanted to be in a band ever since she can remember. When she met Julz at school, they both knew they would be in a band together. They had the same jaguar spirit – to push it, to be a band that was the whole package, the music, live shows and artwork, all louder, faster and stronger. Why would you want to do anything else? They saved up, bought instruments off friends and spent a summer holiday writing songs as Capital X. Since then Capital X have toured the UK and Europe with their distinctive digi-rock n roll, sharing the stage with artists including Gary Numan and Atari Teenage Riot. They have self-released 2 singles and 3 eps to critical acclaim, the music and artwork locked hand in hand. Ruby’s style is heavily influenced by comic books and arcade games, none more clear than in Capital X’s latest Power Pack E.P – packed comic book style with a collectable trading card for each of the five songs. Through their relentless energy and ambitious creative collaboration, Capital X have gained reputation as a fearless duo, ‘the band who don’t do slow songs’ and who compromise for nobody: the beat will make you stronger!!! 

Check out Capital X on  facebook myspace, and  youtube


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