Julia Williams

‘Who are you and what have you done with my wife’

A ten minute filmed performance piece of varying interactions with a glass dolls house. Exploring women ‘s complex relationships with the home and domestic roles, also with body image .

A quote from Germaine  Greer was one of my inspirations for the piece

‘The perfect face , the perfect breasts, the perfect home, all women strive for perfection –in search of perfection are we loosing a grasp on reality ‘-The Whole Woman 2002.

Another big inspiration was taking part in Nic Green’s Trilogy in 2009 and 2010.

The piece has a personal dimension and is also based on responses  of women I have interviewed .

The work uses pretense, tension, aggression, parody,  sacrifice, transgression ,abjection and nakedness .

This work was made in collaboration with Jane Allanach BA Performance and Bob Lawson MA Fine Art , and is a real departure for me into performance. I am keen to show the work at RRF,  to provoke discussion, and develop future work.

Julia Williams is a glass artist , and student at The National Glass Centre Sunderland and an Occupational Therapist .


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