Maddie Breeze

I am just finishing the first year of a PhD based in the Sociology department here at Edinburgh where I also completed my undergraduate degree and MSc . My PhD work is ESRC funded and began as an exploration of what I thought was ‘gender’ in the context of roller derby. Over the past two years this has been, and still is, turning into something else – and I’m not entirely sure [yet] what that is going to be.

I know I want to say something about power and knowledge production in social research, I know I want to join in the conversations that problematise how we learn and teach, and I know I want to think critically and act creatively in order to make change both in the way that we live things like ‘gender’ and in institutions of higher education. I want to find out how doing feminist research can be [even more of a?] a radical, creative, and joy filled act.

FemJoy has very much been a space in which I was able to realise that these are the things I want to do. This makes me happy and thankful and very excited about the symposium – you should come!  I really can’t wait to meet the wonderful participants and learn about all the incredible things that everyone is doing!



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