Kathleen Ward

I am in the third year of my PhD in Sociology.  My work centres around a series of court transcripts and media reports pertaining to a 2001 case of sexual assault in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I apply a narrative analysis to the documents in the hopes of gleaning an understanding of how historically rooted sentiments of regional alienation might inform the particular brand of racism in the province.  How narratives of masculinity and femininity, cowboys and Indians, and progress in the Wild West manifest themselves through this case in the public imagination, the court room, and inscribe themselves on the bodies of the accused and the complainant are key components of my work.  My intention is to contribute to broader conversations of decolonization through a nuanced understanding of what sustains colonial relationships in the contemporary period.

I joined the Joy part way through my second year, and feel oh-so lucky to have the love and support of these fabulous women you can read all about in this Bio section.  My academic work, my Wednesday afternoons, and my humanity are all the better for them.  I can’t wait to welcome you all to Edinburgh and share the Joy! We have a lot to go around….


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