CR Stocks-Rankin

I’m a second year PhD student in the field of Social Policy.  My project looks at commissioning for care services for older people in Scotland.  It focuses on the everyday understanding of social care policies through the perspectives of local actors tasked with their delivery and attempts to highlight the ways in which they adopt, resist and negotiate meaning through their work and practice.  I hope to use ethnographic methods to better understand these negotiations and participatory methods so that the participants in my project might also gain from the work.

I took a break between my under-graduate and post-graduate work.  In that time I worked as a public sector employee tasked with the day-to-day contracting-out of care services.  I also worked as a front-line care worker.  Both of these experiences inform my work.  As a feminist, I seek positive social change and emancipation – but I very much hope that this emancipation might be participant-led.  To that end, I hope to create a space in the project for dialogue and knowledge exchange so that we may each come away from its production more skilled and more knowledgeable than when we began.

Our weekly reading group meetings (the Joy) have been an instrumental part of the PhD.  Through our conversations, and the seemingly endless mutual support, I’ve learned to find my bearings and re-discover my own voice.  It’s been a wonderful and laughter-filled two years together.  I can’t wait to continue that on a large-scale in September!

See you soooooooooon…..



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