About the Organisers

We are a small group of post-graduate researchers in the social sciences who share a passion for issues of gender and/or feminism in social science research, activism, art and life. Our personal research interests include but are not limited to; gender mainstreaming; masculinities in the military; women’s work lives; family norms; the body, reproduction and technology; gender performativity; gender discourse; care policy; migration; sexual violence; intersections of race and gender; the postcolonial; families and the impact of policy; constructions of identity; boyhood and girlhood; knowledge translation; gender relations; and decolonisation.

We began a reading group in the autumn 2009 and have been meeting every Wednesday since then.  We affectionately called this group FemJoy – short for Feminist and Gender Reading Group JOY!  We have each had a hand in creating this space.  It is a fluid and ever-changing thing.   For more on what it’s meant for us to have this group, have a read of the organisers’ bios.

We are excited about creating a symposium in which we can collaboratively explore the challenges and potentials of feminism and social research.  We’re really looking forward to seeing you all in Edinburgh!


This is us, on our field trip to York in March 2011:


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