Call for stuff!!

Our wonderful artists need your help – so please read their blurbs below and bring ‘stuff’!

Evangeline Tsao: pARTicipants!

Do you have some clothes in your wardrobe that…

…you’ve had for a while, but could never find the right occasion for?
…you really love, but haven’t got the opportunity to show them off anymore?
…you want to put together to create a totally different style to present yourself?

Please share them with us!

Bring your clothes, join Researching Feminist Futures for a self-directive photography project collaborating with Evangeline, tell us stories about yourself and your clothes, and show them to everyone!  Inspire us with your wild ideas of expressing YOU in your clothes, take part in composing your own photo, and have fun – with whatever poses and framing you like!

The Bad Art Collective

As part of our two day residency at Researching Feminist Futures, The Bad Art Collective are asking for the donation of materials (magazines, newspaper stories, diet aids you want to free yourself of etc) for several features of our multi-media performance installation Bombarded by Images.

Please see the details of our project here:

We welcome observers to participate and help BAC Bombard with our own images. Please bring along your own materials and get involved!

BAC member Corinna Tomrley will do an occasional performance piece ‘Bombard me with Images’, in which observers will be asked to bombard her with images that are said to destroy a woman’s self-esteem.

We will also be selling some BAC BBI badges, so you can take home a part of this unique art work and proceeds will go towards future BAC projects.

Come along and see us, whether you want to directly take part or not – we look forward to meeting our fellow RFF delegates.

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