RFF Blog Comments Policy

The Researching Feminist Futures Team is committed to generating and
facilitating discussion and engagement around the issues of feminism,
gender, and research both on and off-line.

Its really important to us to create a safe, community and collaborative atmosphere which is also open to dealing with controversy and meaningful, engaged debate.  We
hope that everyone here is also committed to these goals, and will be
aware of the effects of their words on others.

We will where appropriate not allow comments which are overtly hostile, aggressive
or abusive.  In particular ablest, homophobic, misogynistic,
transphobic, racist or comments discriminatory against other oppressed
and marginalized people will be refused, where necessary without
explanation.   At our discretion and where possible, and safe we will
contact posters to explain why a post has been refused, and encourage
more constructive phrasing where appropriate.

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