New Technologies + Feminism = Joy

Turns out the world of twitter really is as wonderful as everyone said it would be!  Late night wonderings about the conference kept me up last week.  I was thinking about our plans and the workshops we’re organsing and how to manage my inbox and then I thought ‘I wonder if anyone would tweet about our conference?!’ But then, why would they right? We’re not on twitter.  We hardly know anyone on twitter.  Twitter is for the awesomely plugged in and activist set – we’re just some feminist nerds with a blog we’re only now starting to learn how to use.  Surely no one has even heard of us on twitter.  

But I made a little trip over anyway and searched ‘researching feminist futures’ and guess what came up … seven lovely little tweets about our event!  I was so excited I ran around the house in a frenzy thinking – ‘we’re on twitter! TWITTER I SAY!  Oh but WHAT does it mean!  What should we do?  Should we open a twitter account?  How do you tweet?  What do the hashtags mean?  What are LISTS?!  Who can teach us about such things?!!

There was a flurry of e-mails around the group the next day. We were excited!  Like really excited! Within a couple of hours we had our twitter account up and running with a pretty background and some wonderful feminists to follow.  I dropped the interminably witty and ever so lovely NaomiMc a line to say ‘hey – we’re on twitter and have no idea what we’re doing – can you help us out’.  And she did!  We didn’t know anything about #FF (Follow Fridays/Feminist Fridays).  It was just a complete fluke that we wandered into twitter on that day.  But one little shout out the #FF stream and within hours we had over a hundred hits to our blog!  It was wonderful to watch!  Really truely wonderful!

We’re still learning and figuring out what’s possible out here – but I must say, it’s so lovely to find such a welcoming set of feminists out there!  It’s more wonderful because we had no idea you existed!  NaomiMc says twitter is about conversation.  Our symposium is about community building and dialogue.  I can’t think of a better way to build that momentum than through our new twitter community!

So this is us saying Thank You Twitter World of Wonderfulness! You are GREAT!


About CRSR

Catherine-Rose is a PhD student in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on commissioning for care home services in Scotland, with a particular focus on the National Care Homes Contract. She also work on the PROP: Practitioner-Research Older People Project with CRFR and IRISS.
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